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Dr. Stefano Bellentani

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Dr. Stefano Bellentani

Dr. Stefano Bellentani

Consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist

Dr. bellenatni is an italian consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist in London.

Versatile and highly accomplished medical professional, offering over 35 years’ cumulative experience in the areas of patient management, advanced research and education within the gastroenterology and hepatology domain of the medical and healthcare sector.

Exceptional track record in treating a variety of conditions, including fatty liver, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and inflammatory bowel disease, chronic viral hepatitis and problems with liver function, fatty liver and metabolic diseases.

Extensive involvement in providing valuable nutritional consultancy to a variety of patients, as well as education to aspiring medical practitioners.

Established researcher with sound knowledge of the standard practices and ethics in medicine.

Well conversant with legislation and standards ensuring quality, vigilance, and safety during consultation and drug development.

Excellent speakers still invited in many International meetings as opinion leader and expert in NASH (NonAlcoholic Steatohepatitis) and NASHEpidemiology.

The reason to emigrate is to work a comfort, nice, remunerative and secure place and have the opportunity maybe to teach in a prestigious University.

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