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Dr. Giulia Luciano

Giulia Luciano Dottori Italiani a Londra

Dr. Giulia Luciano

Dr. Giulia Luciano

Consultant thoracic surgeon

Giulia Luciano is an italian medical in London. She is an italian consultant  thoracic surgeon.

Fully registered medical practitioner with specialist registration in the Specialist Register of Cardiothoracic Surgery with a licence to practise, is a senior Clinical Fellow  in Thoracic  Surgery at BARTS Trust, CCT in Thoracic Surgery (2013) and PhD in Surgical Sciences (2017).

Specialist in the following pathologies

  • Diagnostic management and follow-up of primary and secondary lung cancer, pleural, mediastinal and chest wall tumours;

  • bullous pulmonary emphysema and pneumothorax: diagnostic and therapeutic management 

  • pleural effusions: diagnostic and surgical management.

Minor surgery

  • Excision of subcutaneous lesions such as sebaceous cysts of the scalp and of the back;
  • excision of deep seated lipomas;
  • excision of benign skin tumours;
  • excision of warts;
  • surgical removal of moles for cosmetic or medical reasons;
  • excision of dermatofibromas;
  • incision/drainage of abscesses;
  • surgical wound care, sutures with stitches;
  • treatment of palmar and axillary hyperhidrosis.

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