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Dr. Erika Francioso

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Dr. Erika Francioso

Dr. Erika Francioso

Paediatric Dentistry

Italian dentist graduated from the European University of Madrid, Spain, 2011.
She worked as a general dentist in private dental practices in Spain and Guernsey(UK).
From 2017 she works at the General Hospital of Jersey(UK).

She is particularly interested in Pediatric Dentistry and has experience in treating children with complex dental cases under general anaesthesia.
The Pediatric dentistry treatments offered are the following:

  • Check-up;
  • Fissure sealant of the dental grooves of premolars and molars​;
  • Malocclusions verification​;
  • Fluoroprophylaxis for arch;​
  • Soft / hard mouthguard;
  • Deciduous / permanent tooth extraction​;
  • Dental crowns (Hall technique);​
  • Fillings deciduous/permanent teeth;​
  • Endodontic treatments for deciduous and permanent teeth​;
  • Dental cleaning;​
  • Dental traumatology​;
  • Education in oral hygiene and caries prevention.

Motivated professionist, caring and very helpful dentist especially with anxious patients.
She is member of the British Dental Association.

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