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Dr. Alessandra Perna

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Dr. Alessandra Perna

Dr. Alessandra Perna

Dietitian specialist

Alessandra Perna is an italian doctor in London.

Alessandra graduated with highest honors in Italy, where she received a Master’s degree in Biology followed by a PhD in Pharmacogenetics.

She has twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry working at several major big Pharma companies (e.g. GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott) mainly leading at International and National level within Medical Affairs, Clinical Research and Commercial Departments.

She has a proven track record of establishing and leading business operational excellence through continuous improvement initiatives. She is also author of numerous scientific publications in immunology and autoimmune diseases.

Alessandra has a contagiously optimistic personality and beside her pharmaceutical career, cultivated a passion about nutrition and special interest in counselling and healthy living style. She certified in the UK as a Diet and Nutritional Advisor and has worked as consultant for a few Medical and Wellness Centers in South West London.

She believes that apart from genetic factors and levels of physical activity, there is a very strong connection between different foods, nutrients and several medical conditions, hence she uses a comprehensive approach that encompasses physical and psychological wellbeing to help her clients to transform the relationship with their food and body. Her professional expertise and practical ideas, inspired by the latest research in nutritional science, will motivate her clients to adopt new eating styles as long-term strategies to lower the risk for common ailments such as heart conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.

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